Knowing Your Business

  • You know why you are in business. You know what your goals are. You work hard every day to achieve those goals. Perhaps there are times when you wonder if everyone in the organization is on the same page?
  • What if every employee in your organization had the same understanding as you about mission, vision and values?
  • What if all of your employees spoke the same language when discussing solutions to problems?
  • What if your company practiced the discipline of studying and applying information about their customer’s requirements?
  • How would fulfilling your mission be different if you employed a zero tolerance strategy for mismanaged conflict?
  • Would your company be different if you had a stable work force?

Since I have been working with Jerry on developing my business, we have tripled our annual sales. We have increased our production capacity and entered into competitive bidding. We have enhanced work place safety, marketing and financial tracking. I feel like our company is in a good place for further expansion into the future.

Jacob KlindtworthWest Coast Metal FabWillamette Valley, Oregon