I have appreciated Jerry’s wisdom in helping to develop leaders in Sierra Leone, teaching both ethics and sound business principles.

Peter SheriffCountry Director Willamette InternationalSierra Leone West Africa

Jerry has been instrumental in helping us to navigate difficult operational decisions in the context of competing management and business interests.Rev Ben Margai

Rev Ben MargaiSuperintendentJBC MissionsSierra Leone, West Africa

Jerry has helped us to develop our strategic plan for our nation’s power grid and diagnostic imaging technologies.

Honorable Saah JosephMinister of ParliamentLiberia, West Africa

Jerry has played a pivotal role in establishing operational principles and establishing a funding strategy for our orphanage.

Rachel RopieckiDirectorGrace VillageSierra Leone, West Africa

Since I have been working with Jerry on developing my business, we have tripled our annual sales. We have increased our production capacity and entered into competitive bidding. We have enhanced work place safety, marketing and financial tracking. I feel like our company is in a good place for further expansion into the future.

Jacob KlindtworthWest Coast Metal FabWillamette Valley, Oregon

I have had the pleasure to work with Jerry McIntosh for the last 4 years on an initiative to create a healthy work environment on most of our clinical departments at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon. When we started this process the work environments on these units could be quite negative and caustic at times. There were staff who were leaving the units because they felt disenfranchised by some of their fellow employees. After going through this process the turnover rate has dropped dramatically, and staff are leaving the unit to try another area of patient care and not because they are trying to get away from something

Bill Howden, RN, MNVice President Patient ServicesGood Samaritan Regional Medical CenterCorvallis, OR

Can you imagine the power in an organization when employees find 3000 – 4000 new ways to build connection with each other and their customers? The amazing part of our story is that the past two years have been record years for us, both in growth and profitability.

Elaine McLainCEOCentral Willamette Community Credit Union

When the relationships are better, we make better parts…It was my privilege to report (to our board) that our customer rejects percentage has gone from 0.51% last year to O.14% this year – a 72% reduction. This represents a huge contribution to our bottom line. There are many factors that build into this change, significant among them was the values initiative under Jerry’s leadership.

Nick PothetesGeneral ManagerBRAKA IndustriesSalem, OR

When we focused on the values in our culture, we promoted a higher level of relationship in the work environment. Since we implemented the values project, we have seen our member satisfaction rates achieve 94%, meeting or exceeding expectation.

Jim AslesonExecutive DirectorMid-Valley YMCA

I thought we were hopeless. I was ready to quit. This process has been a lifesaver to me. We had conflicts in our department that had been going on for decades. Through this process people have learned that how they treat each other has an impact on the care we collectively give to our patients. We have been given tools to hold each other accountable.

*Hospital Manager* These persons have requested anonymity for the purpose of reserving references to serious inquiries. Contact information is available on request.