International Consulting

Since 2005, NLG affiliates have worked in Sierra Leone West Africa to assist in the recovery of that beautiful country from the decade long civil war and, more recently the tragedy of the Ebola epidemic.

NLG Affiliates through Willamette International have conducted over 20 primary care clinics in rural sections of Sierra Leone.



NLG affiliates are working with the Engineering department at Oregon State University to develop an infectious disease diagnostic instrument, called West Africa Infectious disease Diagnostic Aid. (WAIDDA). Alpha testing is in planning for summer 2017.



NLG Affiliates worked with representatives from Rotary International to rehabilitate a municipal water project in Sierra Leone. The system involves solar pumps, infra-red filtration and gravity flow distribution to water kiosks in a former refugee camp near Waterloo. The project is designed to be self-sustaining and plans are underway to double distribution.

Related to the water efforts at Waterloo, an NLG affiliate through Willamette International has implemented a manual well drilling system in partnership with Oklahoma State University and Water4. The team has continued to work on process improvements and have drilled over 200 wells since 2014. In an effort to encourage business development, our team has developed three manual drilling teams which provide employment for Salonean laborers and business experience through a modified franchise process.

In 2015, NLG affiliates oversaw the development of a Bible Institute in Sierra Leone. The initial objective is to provide Bible training for pastors currently in pulpits. The innovative model allows pastors to attend classes provided by US experienced pastors for a week at a time. The monthly curriculum enables pastors to maintain ministry and livelihood in their home communities while enhancing their pulpit skills.

Future plans for this school include development of a vocational school to encourage ethics based businesses. These include agronomy, auto mechanics, textiles, health care, personal services and micro finance. Sierra Leone has always had a significant number of orphans. NLG affiliates helped to organize and fund the Grace Village, established in June, 2016 and located in Tissana, Sierra Leone.