Criminal Background Check

This can be done for executive applicants under consideration for sensitive positions in business. Criminal background check can include not only criminal history in the state of Oregon, but in any state in the Union. It also includes civil background checks, social security verification and credit checks.
Download our Background Check Form [PDF]

Integrity Interview
In those situations where there is concern about potential violation of policy or law, we bring our experience and human approach to bear in conducting sensitive interviews with employees to elicit information relative to possible violations of policy. We can bring out information from employees that could then be made available to administrators for disciplinary action or referred to legal authorities as indicated.

Administrative Investigation
We also work with business owners to conduct investigations on issues such as theft of merchandise, sexual harassment or ongoing surveillance.

Security Consultations
We bring expertise into business to identify the potential opportunity for security breach. This is a service that would be valuable where information or resources may be vulnerable to unauthorized access.